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Replacing the Check Spring for Longarm Quilting Machine

This step by step guide will show you how to replace a check spring.

Picture three shows the full tension assembly in tact.

These directions will show you how to disassemble the tension assembly in order to replace a part. Then we will show you how to reassemble it.

To disassemble, unscrew the thumb nut,  remove the thumb nut washer, funnel spring, pressure disc, felt, rotary disc, and then the second piece of felt. 

Loosen the screw on the base, remove the post and then the spring.

Picture fourteen shows all of the pieces laid out in order of dis-assembly.

Step one would be to remove the tension assembly.You would place a 1/16" alen wrench in the base of the tension retainer at about 4 o'clock position. (Pictures one and two.) 

Picture one with alen wrench inserted into the retaining screw.

Picture two with alen wrench at a four o'clock position.

Picture three shows the tension assembly removed.

Picture four shows the thumb nut unscrewed.

Picture five shows the thumb nut washer removed.

Picture six shows the funnel spring removed.

Picture seven shows the pressure disc removed.

Picture eight shows the first felt removed.

Picture nine shows the rotary disc removed,
then remove the last felt.

Picture ten shows the base, post, and check spring.

Picture eleven. Loosen the post retaining screw.

Picture twelve shows the post removed.

Picture thirteen shows the check spring inside the base,
take the spring out.

Picture fourteen shows the tension assembly completely disassembled,
in order.

After replacing the check spring, reverse these steps to reassemble the tension assembly.


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